TicTag can drive your leisure business

Queuing is one of the biggest dissatisfiers within leisure and adding a digital experience is one of the challenges. TicTag can help your company to solve both. TicTag makes waiting fun and profitable. With our SmartTag you can give your visitors a virtual waiting ticket. Instead of standing in line, they can now walk around enjoying themselves or buy a refreshment. Place our tag next to an outdoor highlight, object in your park or exhibit in your museum and you can give all types of information about this spot, attraction or painting. Start an audio tour, a video or let children play scavenger hunt and collect digital items through your venue.

Theme park queue management

No more endless queuing. Your visitors touch the tag at the entrance and receive a virtual waiting ticket in their app. Within the app you can give them options on how to kill time. Offer them a voucher for a snack or drink, let them play a game, walking tour through the park or visit another attraction. This way they will enjoy the waiting time and spend more in your park.

Play Scavengerhunt

People like to collect stuff and kids even more. Let kids play an old fashioned game of scavenger hunt in a modern way. With an app kids can collect digital items after touching the hidden tags in your park. In a Zoo kids can collect different animals to receive their “Ranger” diploma which they collect when exiting the park. A roller-coaster certificate after entering an amount of roller-coasters, get a fairy tale, superhero or adventurer diploma. That’s up to you.